Gavin Ray

Code Stuff

About Me

I've spent the last decade in the software world at startups of various sizes, wearing many hats. Statistically, I've been programming for ~65% of the time I've been alive!

I am employed at Hasura, where I build connectors for various data sources that allow users and organizations to connect their data to Hasura's GraphQL engine. This work is done in on the JVM, in Kotlin, using our open-source GraphQL Data Connectors framework. I think it's fascinating work and I'm proud to be a part of it.

My Interests

My personal interests related to programming/software include:

  • Databases/Query Engines
  • Data Virtualization/Data Federation
  • High-Performance/Low-Latency Systems
  • Linux Kernel Memory Management and Storage internals
  • The JVM

My primary programming languages are:

  • TypeScript
  • JVM Languages (Kotlin, Java, Scala)
  • C/C++

Outside of programming, I have a few interests, which mostly include:

  • Psychopharmacology/Medicincal Chemistry (I originally wanted to be a Chemist)
  • Bodybuilding
    • My fiance is also into bodybuilding, it's something we enjoy doing together
  • Electronic Music Production
    • I use REAPER, it's a great DAW

    • I have a conspiracy theory that every dev does hobbyist music production, it's got to be some kind of stereotype, like Starbucks and yoga pants